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jobaeid Hasan
Jul 30, 2022
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For many car owners, cleaning the car by hand is both stress-relieving and healing, but they are very afraid of encountering a small car wash, and they will get wet after washing. The general self-service car wash is 4m x 5m, and the Agogo car wash is specially lengthened and widened to 4.5m X 6m. The spacious space is no longer tied hands and feet, attracting many car owners to come and take their children to enjoy the car wash. Figure 2. Agogo self Special Database Agogo self-service car wash has widened the car compartment, allowing riders to have a more spacious car wash space Photo credit: Agogo Self-Service Car Wash Agogo self-service car wash widens the car compartment, allowing riders to have a more spacious car wash space Keeping your car clean and tidy makes you feel comfortable to drive, and it’s not rude to visit customers and friends, but washing your car frequentl Agogo car wash is actively looking for cheap food to enter, providing a self-service car wash experience that is different from the past Although smart automation is convenient, providing warm services is still the key to attracting customers to continue to come. From the perspective of consumers, Agogo provides more "human-like" services, hoping to create a happy atmosphere, so that car washing can also promote parent-child relationship and interpersonal interaction; in addition to the existing skewers and pizza, Agogo continues to call for more affordable food Entering, but also creating another business model. More fun and affordable self-service car wash experiences: click here arrow_forward_iosunderstand more Powered by GliaStudio
New options for self-service car wash: widened car compartments content media

jobaeid Hasan

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